“Only those who can move hearts can move the world” – E. Weichert

We – meet Susan and Pamela 🙂 – used to call this programme the “Art of Coaching” – until we found that participants walked away with truly transformational changes in how they show up in life, relating to others (at work and otherwise), collaborating and leading.
People walked away with a fundamental inner shift in how they connected – with the wholeness of themselves and with others.

In today’s world of non-stop hectic and challenges, there is a clear and increasing call to shift from the command-and-control way of working to one of empowerment and the need to be “agile” – but what does that really mean? Whether you manage, influence or lead others – independent of status or hierarchy – your inner posture is key. In other words, it ultimately begins with the Self. This is all the more relevant if you are in a leadership position, where self-leadership and role modelling is a must.

Examples of situations where our programme is invaluable:

  • If you have a directive style and need to become more inclusive and engaging – all the more so, the closer you get to the top
  • In managing performance
  • Transitions from individual contributor / expert to people manager
  • In project management
  • Auditing, compliance, or quality and the need to influence
  • Support or training functions
  • Change and transformation processes where you want maximal buy-in

The more you are able to connect with yourself, the more you are able to connect with others, and the more successful you will be – individually and together.

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