Programme description

Interactive. Experiential. Real-time. No-nonsense. Light-hearted. Proven.

There are three key parts to our Art of Coaching & Connection programme.

(1) Preparation:
a) We send out a survey to ask you what you want to walk away with from the workshop.  This helps us orient the workshop specifically to your desired outcomes and individual situations.
b) We ask you to complete a questionnaire on Emotional Intelligence. This can either be a self-assessment or a 360. We debrief this together during the workshop.

(2) 3-day in-person workshop:
A step-by-step design proven successful multiple times over, we not only walk you up the ladder of essential coaching skills, we take you beyond that. Beginning on a Monday evening, ending on Thursday (5.30pm), you practice, practice and practice some more. Our aspiration is that you experience a natural inner shift, feel a centered sense of confidence, and are all set to apply your key learnings back in the “real world”. We also provide you with a journal for personal note-taking and a deskflip for easy reference.  The agenda covers

  • what is “connecting” and how will it help me become more successful?
  • understanding,  practicing and integrating essential skills
    • self-awareness / emotional intelligence
    • listening skills
    • the art (and magic) of asking powerful questions
    • framework for conversations and dialogue
    • giving and receiving feedback
    • mindfulness practices
  • how do I take this back to my “reality”?

(3) Post workshop support and follow-through:
The real test and value comes when you return to “reality”. We care that you put your learnings and commitments to action and experience the difference and results you were looking for. To support you with this, the package includes

  • a photo journal of the workshop
  • an individual coaching call
  • a group coaching call
  • this blog as an ongoing resource and learning site
  • access to our ongoing sharing and resources in a private chat group